friedberg Scientific advisors


We can help your organization with the different aspects of implementing scientific practices – from designing scientific methodologies and deploying scientific communications to planning and training. Find more information about our services below.

Leading you through implementing scientific practices.

  • Designing and implementing scientific methodologies to solve problems and validate operations.
  • Developing and deploying your scientific communications to internal and external channels.
  • Strategic design planning of people & process.
  • We work with executive teams on leadership & training to help lead the implementation of scientific strategies and manage change.

Scientific Methodology

We assist organizations with designing and implementing scientific methodologies to solve problems and validate operations. Our approach is iterative, evolving and relies on data and facts to remove bias. But more importantly, we help you ask the right questions.

This service includes:
  • Strategic planning
  • Protocol and method development
  • Management planform deployment
  • Data analytics, insights and interpretation.

Scientific Communications

Effective communication is critical for your organization to convey the right message in the way you want to be heard. We assist in developing and deploying your scientific messaging to internal and external channels, inlcuding peer-reviewed and non-peer review publications, print and digital copy, 2D & 3D animation, and platform strategies for internal and external collaboration and document management.

This service includes:
  • research design (clinical & non-clinical)
  • animation and interactive design
  • simulation & game design
  • publication strategy
  • media & public extension strategy

Strategic Planning

We assist our clients and partners with strategic design planning. This process begins with an organization-wide audit to learn your process and identify your perceived and unperceived goals. This integrates both process and people, and the motivations and rewards, that connect people working that process and what is needed to meet the goals. Our design incorporates, tools, process augmentation, and data analysis, to study, test and iterate the entire workflow of your organization


Leadership & Training

Science is nothing without people! It is a process to help people get clarity in the chaos… but change can be challenging.

We work with executive teams on how to lead the implementation of scientific strategies and how to manage change throughout the organization.