Science is not content or technology. It is method. An iterative process designed to answer questions, but without bias. A method to find truth.

Approach that Friedberg SA uses for scientific projects.
Figure 1: A flow chart of Friedberg SA’s approach to dynamic data acquisition, auditing and iteration.
Simply put…

1. Data is data. Data is only raw information. Collecting the wrong data or relying on low quality data, can lead to the wrong conclusions.
2. Correlation ≠ causation. Information has its limits. Be confident about what it can truthfully tell you and not be confounded by bias or error.
3. Know your biases. We all have inherent biases. Know they are there – be open about them – listen to what the data that reveals about them – and exclude them from the analysis.
4. Good questions, good methods, good data, and good analysis – this is the way. Let us help ask the right questions and get to the correct answers.

1. Define the question

2. Establish method

  • Assess required technology & equipment

3. Implement method

  • Combine people & process
  • Ensure compliance

4. Define the question

  • Validated Compliance
  • validated data quality
  • Data warehousing

5. Interpret Data

  • Analytics & insight
  • Data distillation
  • Stakeholder reports