Friedberg, et al.

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Dr Jeremy N. Friedberg

Principal Investigator & Founder

Jeremy is an accomplished scientist, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has founded several companies in the health and technology space, serving in various senior executive roles. These activities have garnered international recognition with awards from the National Science Foundation, Journal of Science and the United Nations. Jeremy holds a Doctorate in molecular genetics and biotechnology from the University of Guelph. In recent years, he has been involved extensively in the yeast biosynthetics and the medical cannabis space – developing advanced cultivation methodologies, leading R&D initiatives, designing cannabis genomics platforms and implementing data systems to better understand cannabis varieties and the utility of their effects.  Most recently, Jeremy served as Chief Science Officer for MedReleaf Corp., a licensed Canadian producer of medical cannabis.

Currently, Jeremy serves as Chief Science Officer for Lavvan Inc. and acts as a senior scientific advisor to several companies across agriculture tech and biotechnology.   He is also involved in both public and private scientific communications initiatives, consults and designs for various research-based organizations, and contributes to educational initiatives on the benefits of science-based thinking.